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Welcome to our web site. I trust that you will be satisfied after visiting. Pinboys provides you, the customer, with good quality at outstandingly low prices. We have something for everyone. Whether you are just shopping for a pin or two, or are an organization in need of a large quantity with custom designed pins, we provide you with what you need at the lowest prices in the nation, to our knowledge.

Here is how we compare ourselves to other pin manufacturers;
1; We charge the lowest prices in the nation to our knowledge. If you find a lower price, we'll try to beat it. The average cost of a 2 /14- 1 /12 size pin is 0.96 per pin or 96.00 per one-hundred. In addition, many manufacturers charge an additional 8 cents for each color in the design.
For example, if you order 100 pins with only three colors, your cost will be at least $120.00. however, if you order from us, you will be charged $25.00, at an unlimited color selection, plus 4.00 for shipping and handling. You do that math! 2;Many options; As noted above, we provide something for everyone. Kids candraw their own design for a pin, keychain, or magnet.
Hey, remember those Kodak moments on pins, keychains, or magnets? Just send a photo or two, and we'll make some for you! For your convenience, your orginal photo will be returned with your purchase. Only good quality photos are recommended of any size. Needs help with a design? Have a creative idea that you just can't seem to put on paper? Send us arough sketch or explanation of what you would like andwe'll transfrom it is into an artistic, professional button!

We have over 500 pre-designed buttons. Holidays, special occasions, political, and many more.....

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Here is a sample of what you can order! These are not the actual size.


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